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Patient Transport | Paramedics | Festival Care

Guarded Medical services is an extensively experienced care provider, which services a range of festivals across Australia. Eachof our skilled staff members brings extensive experience in their respective fields. Our medical team specialises in remote care and is comprised of the best-trained doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other highly qualified medical professionals. Our team is also trained in emotional awareness, and in 2020 we introduced trained counsellors and psychologists to our medical team. Our medical services have provided care for a multitude of music, cultural and arts festivals, including Esoteric, Inner Varnika and the Dragon Dreaming Festival.

Event Security | Armed Guards | Patrol Services

Security is a service which should never be taken lightly. As of 2009, our security guards have serviced a wide variety of clients and festivals and are incredibly experienced. We offer both unarmed and armed services to provide suitability to all occasions. Our goal is to be the best security company within Australia which motivates each one of us to maintain professionalism at all times. That said, we’re not afraid to have a laugh!

Medical Drones | Air Security | Event Monitoring

Guarded Air uses the latest technology available in drones to enhance the security and safety of people, property and assets. Our CASA licensed drones are programmed to overcome obstacles of large geographic locations and provide the required security and care needs within an instant. This technology has been used worldwide to support safe management of patients within a timely manner. Our use of drones at festivals is pioneering the provision of medical care.

Risk Management | Fire Marshals | Fire Control

Given the Australian climate fire services play a significant role within festival management across the nation. Guarded Fire areexperienced in providing fire services to a wide range of events and festivals. We take fire risk seriously and work diligently to decrease risk and maintain control. Our combination of highly trained and professional staff have helped protect numerous events throughout the years, and ensured their smooth and safe running.